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Position on 12 Step© Program

"It is the major foundation of our program."


First Offender Intense Learning Session

The Life Skills Coaching Program

This program is an intensive, effective, strengths-based, community-based case management program which motivates Substance Use Disordered individuals to engage in all phases of recovery

When do I need a Life Skills Coach?

When an individual with a Substance Use Disorder...

  • Is on a waiting list for treatment
  • Is transitioning from one level of care to a different level of care
  • Is getting ready for discharge from treatment
  • Is exhibiting a relapse warning sign
  • Has had several treatment episodes without making long lasting gains
  • Is making excuses for not attending therapy sessions
  • Has exacerbating issues that muddy treatment goal waters
  • Needs specialized support to get the help he/she requires
  • Is in need of extra motivation to stay pointed in the right direction
  • Is troubled by a social phobia and/or has difficulty navigating through daily life without the use of substances
  • Has a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Has an ongoing medical issue